Environmental Management


We prioritize environmental management as the
core value of all management activities and strive for
sustainable environmental management.

Early on, we were well aware of the importance of the environment, and since its inception,
we have committed to managing a company that puts the environment first.

BeF Co., Ltd. has promoted eco-friendly management by producing renewable energy
such as city gas and electricity through the energy resource conversion process, recycling livestock manure and
food waste into organic fertilizer, and supplying it to farmers in Asan.

We will comply with environmental laws and regulations environmental approval, strive to prevent environmental pollution
and reduce resource use, and minimize the negative environmental impact of business operations.

Environmental management cannot be achieved in a short period and must be worked on steadily in the long term.
We will continue to make great efforts for the correct and sincere environmental management that BIO E. FARM Co., Ltd. can do.
We would like to ask for your interest in the journey of BIO E. FARM Co., Ltd. to take a step forward for the qualitative leap of society.

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