Management Philosophy

A company that opens up the future caring about humans and the environment,
We create a world where people and nature live together.
Take a leap into a leading company for the WTE (Waste To Energy) and renewable energy industries
  • Respect for person

    Respect for human beings
  • Sustainable management

    Sustainable management
  • Environmental management

    Environmental management


Increase in corporate value <br/>through continuous growth

Increase in corporate value
through continuous growth

  • Securing core competencies for
    future growth
  • Discovery of future projects for
    sustainable growth
Fair and transparent management:

Fair and transparent management:

  • Maintaining free market order
    through competition in good faith
  • Realization of social responsibility
    through transparent
    corporate management
Eco-friendly management

Eco-friendly management

  • Leading development of
    eco-friendly technology
  • Creating an impeccable and
    safe working environment
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