wastewater treatment process

폐수처리 공정
Major Composition

Organic matter and nitrogen removal → biological treatment process (nitrification/denitrification)

Solid-liquid separation, minimization of treated water TSS → separation by MBR membrane

Securing final treated water quality → RO Membrane treatment

Final treated water linkage and recycling → Process water recycling and STP linkage

1Biological treatment process

  • Biological treatment process image


  • Separator Membrane (MBR)Separator Membrane (MBR)
  • MBR treated water pumpMBR treated water pump
  • MBR turbo blowerMBR turbo blower
  • MBR ever pipingMBR ever piping

3RO Equipment

  • Pretreatment filterPretreatment filter
  • High pressure pumpHigh pressure pump
  • Membrane filterMembrane filter
  • CIP equipment비CIP equipment

4Establishment of TMS facilities with Asan City Water Environment Center to secure mutual reliability of linked water

  • Asan Water Environment CenterAsan Water Environment Center
  • TMS FacilityTMS Facility
  • Final Water Quality ResultsFinal Water Quality Results
  • TMS OverviewTMS Overview
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