Solid-liquid separation process

고액분리 공정
Major Composition

Considering odor minimization and dewatering efficiency→ Sealed centrifuge operation

High-quality compost production→ aerobic composting operation

Secondary treatment of food waste leachate residual solids → pressurized flotation tank operation

High-quality liquefied fertilizer operation → Aerobic production tank with a stay of more than 30 days


  • 원심분리기 이미지
  • 원심분리기 이미지
  • 원심분리기 이미지

2Compost agitator equipment

mixing dewatering CAKE and sawdust, agitator operation to promote fermentation

  • 퇴비 교반 설비 이미지
  • 퇴비 교반 설비 이미지

2’Pressurized flotation tank

  • 가압부상조 전경Pressurized flotation tank foreground
  • 고형물 부상공정Solids flotation process

3Compost production

produces compost after 30~60 days of fermentation

  • 퇴비 발효조Compost fermenter
  • 퇴비 포장 설비Compost packaging equipment
  • 퇴비 포장 설비Compost packaging equipment

-Liquefied fertilizer production

  • 액비 생산
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