Biogas energy conversion process

바이오가스 에너지화 공정
Major Composition

Biogas storage → Double membrane gas holder

Biogas desulfurization → catalytic method desulfurization

Manufacture and sale of city gas → high concentration of methane by membrane

Power generation / waste heat recovery → gas engine, cogeneration, and renewable energy production supply (SMP + REC) and digester heating

Emergency biogas combustion → Emergency combustor (Flare Stack)

1Gas holder

Gas storage

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2Desulfurization Equipment

  • 탈황설비 이미지
  • 탈황설비 이미지
  • 탈황설비 이미지
  • 탈황설비 이미지
탈황설비 이미지

Removal of hydrogen sulfide contained in biogas through desulfurization facility
Oxidation-reduction reaction promotion removes hydrogen sulfide concentration from 3,000 ppm to 5 ppm

3CBG Process

City gas manufactured/produced by CBG supplies and sells city gas to JB. Co, Ltd. through piping.

CBG 공정 이미지
  • CBG 공정 이미지Gas compressor
  • CBG 공정 이미지Membrane
  • CBG 공정 이미지Vacuum pump
  • CBG 공정 이미지Heat tank equipment


  • 발전기 이미지

    Electricity production and waste heat are recovered through power generation facilities, and the recovered waste heat is used for heating digesters, and the generated electricity is supplied and sold to Korea Electric Power Corporation (SMP+REC)

5Emergency combustor (Flare Stack)

  • 비상연소기 이미지

    Installation and operation of emergency combustors in preparation for situations that may occur during the operation of biogas production and treatment facilities, direct discharge of biogas into the atmosphere, and control of hazards

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