CEO's greetings

A company that opens up the future
caring about humans and the environment

We vow to become a leading company
in the WTE (Waste To Energy) renewable energy industry.

Since our inception in 2012, BeF Co., Ltd. has been steadily pioneering
the industry of resourcing bio-energy through continuous new technology development and technological innovation, building on abundant
experience, know-how, and technology accumulated over the past ten years.
Under the management philosophy that we are the company that opens up
the future caring about humans and the environment, and create a world
where people and nature live together, we have been spearheading
sustainable and eco-friendly management.

For the sake of a sustainable tomorrow for everyone, we pledge to faithfully perform social and environmental roles such as environmental management
and ethical management, create a sustainable environmental performance that enhances the value of life through developing energy resources, and practice ESG management. In addition, we will leap forward as a leading company for the growth and development of the WTE (Waste To Energy) and renewable energy industries. We would like to ask for your continued interest and support in the challenge of BeF Co., Ltd.
Thank you.

CEO  Jason Lee
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